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N Madhavan. “E-book ecosystem grows up in India, riding the tablet boom.Hindustan Times. 10 February 2013

Helped by industry standards like ePub and Adobe’s Flash and PDF files, IT and e-commerce service firms are moving into make e-publishing easy for both established publishers and self-publishing authors alike. They are obviously aided by the explosion in the sale of tablet devices that are widening the customer base.

Such service providers serve as one-stop shops for publishers and authors to convert their books into various formats that go with a variety of devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPads and an array of Android devices.

For example, V-Prompt (www.vprompt.com) helps convert source materials to formats such as the OeB (Open eBook format), besides ePub, Mobi and PoD (print on demand).

Another firm Intec (www.inteconline.com) offers pre-press services in addition to e-book and convent conversion. The Jouve group (www.jouve.com), a France-based firm, is now a multinational in this space and provides publishing solutions to design, enhance and distribute content.

There are Indian companies like Ahmedabad-based Infibeam (www.infibeam), which apart from being an online store, provides publishers facilities to create e-books. Noida-based Magic Software (www.magicsw.com) offers online distribution and other services that help publishers make their content ready for Apple and Google Stores.

Collectively, such companies are setting up a brave new world of reading in the Digital Age. – Continue reading…

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